HOMAGE aims to provide a biomarker approach that will help identify

  • patients at high risk of developing heart failure before the onset of symptoms
  • subsets of patients who are more likely to respond to specifically targeted therapies (personalized medicine).

In available cohorts, we will identify the most promising ‘omics-based biomarker’ profiles for the pre-symptomatic diagnosis and future prediction of heart failure in patients at risk. The predictive value of the biomarkers for other co-morbidities commonly associated with heart failure and ageing will also be investigated. Furthermore, in a prospective trial, we will investigate the potential for targeting preventive therapy at patients with the greatest likelihood of response and the lowest risk of adverse effects.


Our selection of innovative ‘omics-based biomarkers’ is based on knowledge of biological pathways of the disease, which may facilitate identification of ‘Biotargets’ for future therapies.



HOMAGE objectives are:


1. To validate the association of ‘omics based BMs with the risk of developing HF and co-morbid conditions in cross-sectional at risk and population cohorts.


2. To demonstrate the incremental value of ‘omics based BMs, over the existing predictive models alone or integrated with established clinical phenotypes and existing BMs.


3. To investigate an innovative ‘omics BM-based therapeutic strategy.